Partum Panties


*The original and the best*

We're pleased to add the amazing partum panties to our Mama's must-haves. 

These are made for purpose maternity underwear, developed and designed by a mama of two and registered midwife.

This means they are suitable for women with caesarean or perineum wounds, and ensure new mamas do not to have to worry about heavy bleeding, leakage or unnecessary discomfort from bulky maternity pads and or underwear.

Partum Panties offer pregnant and postpartum women comfort and convenience, as well as assisting with post partum recovery.

They can be worn from when waters break, during labour, post labour and during the early days of post partum.

The panties come in packs of 5 and in size M-L (8-12 AUS) or L-XL (14-18). 

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