We’ve been right where you are now. We had two baby boys, nineteen months apart and we became inspired to do all we can to help other families. We know what it is like, wanting to be super organised but also longing for simplicity before baby is born. We know the pressure to be as best prepared as we possibly can be for the greatest adventure ever. So much to prepare!

We want this exiting time to be one of ease for you. That is why we created The Suite Set.Each reusable set comes with labeled packing bags and detailed, colour co-ordinated instructions on how, what and why to pack.

When we packed for our first born, we researched and researched what we would need to pack. I obsessed over it. We made hobbled together individual packing bags to try and be organised in hospital. We had an inkling things may get messy. Having at least one organised thing -our hospital bag - would prove to bring calm into a time of chaos.

In the middle of the night, post birth haze, post body trauma, early full baby bubble, it was pretty satisfying to be able to immediately find what we needed in a chaotic hospital room. Yes!  high five to us. We had one thing we had under control! Instead of rummaging around the bottom of our bag for the elusive baby singlet, bingo - there it was, exactly where we put it for when we needed it.

When friends were having babies, I patched together prototype bags for them to take to hospital. Everyone agreed that they were great for mamas and even better for mama’s support crew. Instead of making do with texta and sticky tape, we decided to go into production of our bags.

We’ve worked really hard to source materials that have strong environmental credentials and remain suitable for use in a hospital setting. In order to keep a reasonable price point - and until plastics manufacturing catches up to our vision - we’ve had to find a happy medium and make them free from nasty stuff, good quality, sturdy and reusable. After you’ve used them in your hospital bag, hold on to them and use them again. Each time we make a family trip or go for a sleepover at nanas, we use ours for packing.

Our partnership with i-change is really important to our family. Giving back is in our brand DNA and we wanted to make sure we were helping others from the very first day our business started. We have partnered with i-change to support charities that we know truly support maternal and child health. With every purchase on our site, we make a donation in our customer's name. Yes, you buy our lovingly made products and we will make a donation to charity - you even get to choose where our money goes!