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Our podcast is called "What I Know Now" and it is a fact based podcast, based on research. Our mission is to end the overwhelm when it comes to pregnancy and new parenthood, so I am committed to only sharing robust, researched information to help you on your way.

I've got no time for long explaining podcasts, 35 minutes for a simple answer isn't our style- so here in "What I know now" you'll get all the big info you need in a tiny size. 

The info we share is inspired by my real-life experience of having two babies in 19 months and then fact-checked by the best in the baby business. Based on research and anchored - importantly - in our pregnancy and parenting journey  - as well our passion for doing things with ease.

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End The Overwhelm - What to buy for baby?

Shopping for baby's clothes is one of the sweetest tasks you will ever do - but it is easy to go overboard and even easier to get overwhelmed. That is why we created this easy, five module, two bonus on line course to sort it all out for you. 

Let's make sure that in year one - when you've got so much learning and newness ahead - you're not spending your time worrying about baby's clothes or stressing about piles of laundry.

We'll take you right through from what to consider when planning baby's wardrobe to what brands and outfits are the true workhorses.

We've sought some expert advice and added in our advice garnered through trial and a heap of error too. This is the best investment you'll make when it comes to buying baby clothes. Together we're going to make sure you save so much cash saved because you won't splurge when you can save, and you won't buy anything you don't need. And it isn't only money you will save, together we will bring you more time and less mental clutter.

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