Suite Set + Birth Suite pack.


The ultimate in anti-overwhelm.

Our signature suite set pack with Purebaby essentials ready for your birth suite pack.

These are our signature, mindfully made bags to pack everything you'll need to take into the hospital to welcome your baby.

A suite set x birth suite pack is

  • Ten bags and detailed, thoughtful instructions on how to pack for mama, baby and the support crew for a hospital stay
  • Colour coordinated with the ultimate packing instruction sheet to make it even easier to pack
  • One Purebaby zip newborn growsuit
  • One purebaby top knot hat
  • One purebaby newborn long sleeve bottom button singlet
  • The suite set is designed and made in Australia
  • BPA free, reusable and recyclable.

Included in your suite set are packing instructions for one night, three-night and five-night stays.

Each instruction sheet lists all that you need to pack (and nothing you don't).

Our lists were written from two years of research, consultation with Midwives, Obstetricians and hospitals. As well as formal focus groups of mamas who had been there, done that.

BONUS: our new packaging for your suite set is an EXTRA suite set big bag. This means once you've unwrapped your suite set, the packaging can be used to add extras in your hospital or nappy bag

Are you being super thoughtful and lovely and planning to send the suite set as a gift? Please let us know in the purchase notes and we will include a gift card from you.

These can be packed for multiple births - please email 

$1 of your purchase goes to the charity of your choice with i=Change®

Customer Reviews

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Helping gain control within the chaos of planning to give birth

I haven’t had the chance to officially use the suite set yet as I am not due until May, however so far LOVING the quality of the bags and the bag planners have my inner control freak squealing for joy. I feel a touch more prepared to pack for birth and use all the bits and bobs that came with the birth set.


Suite Set + Birth Suite pack.

Thrilled mum-to-be cousin 🤰🥰

I have wanted to support your business for a long time and finally had someone special to treat! She was thrilled, especially due to being in lockdown, like you! I understand that your products may be copied if too many images are shown of items, though I really didn’t know what I was gifting my cousin! I had an idea of things to take to hospital (from personal experience and assistance while you were in development stage) - streamlined info of products would help and organised in a table/chart so you can see all options. Very proud of you Sal!!! 

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