What happens in your first GP Appointment?

Like anything new, the first pregnancy appointment can be quite daunting.

Do you think you're pregnant? I suppose you'd better confirm it!

This first pregnancy appointment is important. It is great to get into a good relationship with your GP and really consider them as part of your team to bring your baby into the world.

This first Doctor appointment can be daunting like any first thing is, but knowing what to expect can help you feel a bit more prepared.

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In this episode we go through - 

Tips to find a fit with your GP.

What to say in your appointment.

What to expect in this appointment.

Due date facts and maths.

What your GP should be running through.

Your current medication update.

Hot Tips -

Any questions you have for your GP write them down and bring them with you to your appointment.

This is a big and exciting appointment with lots of information so don’t be afraid to take notes in this appointment, don’t be afraid to ask your GP to repeat information.

The period tracker I use is: 

Clue: Period and Ovulation Tracker for iPhone and Android

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