The Ultimate Shopping List

We have had so many parents-to-be tell us that they feel absolutely overwhelmed when they've gone into one of those big baby stores and tried to work out what the hell they have to buy. 

And I get it, we tried once to go into one of the big ones, and actually left as soon as we could, empty-handed and feeling so overwhelmed and underprepared. I've got into the habit of sending out a hastily popped together email to all my mates who ask me what they must buy, so I thought it was time to share it with our suite set family.

I cleaned it up and popped a legend on it so you know

what to spend on,

where to save and

what are great items to find a loaner, hand me down or secondhand option.

And importantly - what you do not need, and must promise me not to buy, ever.

Click here to download the list and listen to our detailed What I Know Now - the suite set podcast for even more tips on how to be the best, least stressed shopper ever.

My key tips - 
• Don't panic buy.
• You don't need all the things immediately.
•  Don't buy in bulk until you've well and truly product tested
• For some products cheap is better - save your money for the good things.

It's important to remember your own safety and budget considerations when shopping for a baby, and know that there are many ways to get good baby products that are right for your family.