The Suite Set


This set is the magic charm to make at least one thing about giving birth simple.  Our mission is to reduce overwhelm for growing families.

These are our signature, mindfully made bags to pack everything you'll need to take into the hospital when you welcome your precious baby.

Included in your Suite Set is

  • Nine colour coordinated sealing packing bags, made in Australia from BPA free, reusable and recyclable plastic
  • Detailed packing instruction sheet with the "how, what and why" of packing. Written for mama, baby and the support crew for one night, three-night and five-night stays
  • One "wash me" bag to quarantine things for washing
  • Reusable and recyclable Suite Set packaging, so you've got an extra packing bag to use as you wish

Each instruction sheet lists all that you need to pack and nothing you don't. The instructions have been developed after three years of research, consultation with Midwives, Obstetricians and hospitals. As well as formal focus groups of mamas who had been there, done that.

Are you being super thoughtful and lovely and planning to send the suite set as a gift? Please let us know in the purchase notes and we will include a gift card from you.

$1 of your purchase goes to the charity of your choice with i=Change®

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Sarah Kaplun (Melbourne, AU)
Most useful thing I bought (besides a pram and car seat)

Becoming a first time mum during a pandemic was rough - not knowing where to look for advice or who to trust… I was a bit overwhelmed to say the least. I can’t remember where I came across the Suite Set but I ordered within minutes and the sense of calm when it arrived cannot be understated. Practical, useful, helpful - game changer. I have since purchased one for everyone I know who has announced a pregnancy (whether their first or third) and hand it over with the explanation that after a car seat, cot and pram, this is the next thing you need. Buy one, gift one, you won’t regret it (and yes, I’ve reused already for my 11mo first holiday and sleepovers at Nanna and Pa’s!)

Lucinda Gannon (Brisbane, AU)
The stress-less sets

I’m about to be a first time mumma who is struggling with the loss of control and the unknown. I ordered the suite sets to help alleviate my anxiety and give myself something that I could control and plan for. Packing these little bad boys and having a list to tick off has helped me immensely, and also alleviated my partner’s worry about what he can do to help when we are in hospital. I love these so much, and already have plans for how I will use them outside the hospital.

Naomi Francis (Gold Coast, AU)
Hospital prep made easy!

As a first time mum I was super overwhelmed by all the information out there so when it came to packing my hospital bag I’m so glad I got the suite set to take away all the guesswork! My hospital bag is packed and ready in the car now. Love that the bags are see through - can easily see what’s in each bag - and easy to follow packing guide!

Abbie (Taren Point, AU)

The what to pack sheets are great, however only one of my sheets was printed on proper card, the other two were photocopies of originals.
The “wash me” bag is literally a Glad Bag garbage bag that has “please wash me” written on it.
Love the idea and the concept behind the product, but feel that it hasn’t been executed well enough, or perhaps it was just my order?

Amy S. (Mortdale, AU)
Have recommended to everyone !

What an amazing, thoughtful and easy concept. I LOVE my suite set so much! Every organiser needs these in their life.

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