Our mission is to be as helpful as we can to parents-to-be, plus everyone likes a little freebie don't they?

You know we've done the research. Heck mama, we've even had the babies ourselves to put the research to the test.

Our free downloads are here to take away the overwhelm. 

The ultimate shopping guide for parents-to-be. We have had so many parents-to-be tell us that they feel absolutely overwhelmed when they've gone into one of those big baby stores and tried to work out what the hell they have to buy.  And I get it, we tried once to go into one of the big ones, and actually left as soon as we could, empty-handed and feeling so overwhelmed and underprepared. I've got into the habit of sending out a hastily popped together email to all my mates who ask me what they must buy, so I thought it was time to share it with our suite set family. I've cleaned it up and popped a legend on it so you know what to spend on, where to save and what are great items to find a loaner, hand me down or secondhand option. We are not affiliated with any of the brands on the list, it's just what we found through our own experience. In cleaning up our list, I also asked my network of parents for their input. Click here to download the list

How many clothes does a newborn need? We know it can be really difficult to workout sizes and how many of what you need when it comes to baby's clothes. That's why we designed an amazing online course  for building Baby's Wardrobe - it's anti overwhelm and runs through everything you need to think about - laundry, how many nappies, how many of what size, how to pick clothes for each season of baby's first year. More info here at 365 days of anti overwhelm,   Let's make sure that in year one - when you've got so much learning and newness ahead - you're not spending your time worrying about baby's clothes or stressing about piles of laundry.


COVID19 and visiting newborns.We know that restrictions on lockdowns are being lifted, but as a parent-to-be or a parent of a newborn, it is still important to have rules around your own lockdown. It's a tricky one isn't it? We've written a script around making your expectations really clear. This makes hard conversations, easier. Click here to download it


To download our ultimate guide to throwing a virtual baby shower - click here


You are welcoming your baby in unprecedented times, here is a script for you to use to help be helped, on asking for help.

Are you looking for small business info? How we set up and got started? Here is a list of links I did for The Fairfax network on Starting a Startup. 

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Swapping politics for product manufacturing podcast with Kaity Griffin.

Shopping for Snacks Our gorgeous contributor Julia Boase from Nudie Rudie Lunchbox has shared an amazing resource for parents, helping to make great decisions for snacks and take away the overwhelm. Download it here for free.