You don’t know, until you know. Poo

You’re about to have a whole new world of poo open up before you. In oh-so-many ways. Look, it not as gross as you’ve imagined. It is all part and parcel of your new normal. Let’s be frank though, this is not a topic you’ll see many mama influencers talk about at Coachella. It’s also not a topic that I think suits my beautiful little calm web space, but if I didn’t mention it, I would be neglecting an important new mama topic. 

Just before I had my first baby I saw a nutritionalist for a range of reasons, mostly because I was super neurotic. The very best piece of advice I was given by this nutritionalist was this - in the week before baby is due, start taking a gentle laxative. No matter how you give birth, the first time you poo is a daunting experience. You’re using parts of your body that have already been given a fair workout over the past few days, and if you’ve had any sort of stitching there is a whole lot of mental barriers to overcome too. I didn’t know this until I knew it…. so try and stay as hydrated as you can and take a gentle laxative that your health professional approves of.

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