You don’t know, until you know. A good water bottle

I won’t be the only one to share with you the importance of being hydrated when you have a baby, when you’re sleepless and constantly feeding a newborn. 
Coffee is obviously super important and magic but it is also dehydrating. Cruel.

If you decide to breastfeed your baby, know that breastmilk is made up of about 80% water. Add this stat to the fluid loss every adult has on any given day and this may go a way to explain why breastfeeding mums are always thirsty. 

You do not need to go overboard on the water if you are trying to increase milk production though, more water does not mean more breast milk. However staying hydrated helps your mental clarity because our brain is strongly influenced by hydration status. Water maintains the balance of minerals in your body and supports good and happy digestion. A well working digestive system is really important to your wellbeing after you’ve had a baby, no matter how you had it.

Even in all my years of partying, I had never felt so thirsty as when I first had Magnus and was feeding around the clock. My lifesaver was the Frank Green water bottle. I’ll tell you why - the lid is the freaking game changer . The lid has has a one handed, push button operation to open and close it. It is also spill resistant. This is what makes it so good for new mamas. It means you can use it when feeding, pram pushing, baby rocking and wrangling. It means you can pop it in your nappy bag or the bottom of your pram and not worry about spills. In addition it looks great, holds a decent amount of water and is easy to top up.

This product is Australian owned, made and designed, recyclable and the values of Frank Green are similar to The Suite Set. I love these bottles so very much we’ve gone into partnership with Frank Green to make our very own. I can not recommend them more highly than I do. It is a mama must have. And because coffee- we’ve got these too.

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