Suite Eats - Super Easy Chicken Broth

I'm going to bust a myth here mamas, making chicken broth is super seriously easy. Can you make toast? Well if you can, chicken broth will be an absolute breeze. In fact, it is easier to cook than toast because you can't really burn it.

As I type this I'm smelling the toast I just burned and sipping on a mug of chicken broth. How's that for being smug but also honest?

Throughout so many cultures Chicken broth forms the base for soul food and it's health benefits are more than just a myth. You can read more on the science behind chicken soup here.

I use a kg of chicken feet. This does not gross me out at all, if it grosses you out - no judgement -  just love. Instead use chicken carcasses or wings or bones, or the leftover bones from a roast.

I get a big pasta pot and fill it with about 8 big cups of cold water. 

I then pop the steamer pot in to a pasta pot and pop the chicken in with a really good grind of black pepper, a few bay leaves, a splash of vinegar (I use apple cider) and some good salt. This is my stock base -if I have celery, carrots, leek or onion that need using up, I will chop them roughly and pop in too.

Then I bring to the boil and reduce to a simmer. I slow simmer for as long as I can - up to 24 hours. I then rest the strainer pot above the pasta pot to drain off all the ingredients into the stock. I don't mind a cloudy stock with a few bits in, but if you can't abide this you'll need to strain it a few times in a fine strainer.

When it's cool, I then pop it in the fridge to chill. If any fat is on top, I can then ladle off when it's cooler.

Divide it up into airtight containers or jars. It will store in an airtight vessel for a week in the fridge and a month in the freezer.

Chicken broth is an absolute workhorse in our home. I regularly make batches and freeze in small lots so I can use as I need. 

This is how I use it

  • as a broth to drink when I feel blurgh - I add extra salt
  • as a base in stews, soups and pasta sauces
  • obviously as a base for congee, chicken soup and noodles
  • in the frypan when I am poaching eggs for breakfasts
  • when I am boiling pasta or veg for the boys I use it instead of water
  • I also use it instead of water as a base for savoury oats and oatmeal. 
  • When the boys first started on solids, I used it as the base for rice cereal and ground oats
  • I sneak it in anywhere I can.....


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