Suite Eats - pizza night

In our newsletter I've been including a section called Suite Eats.  The only things that matter in a Suite Eat are

-it tastes really good for the family and is toddler friendly.

- it is healthy but not restrictive.

-is super fast to make with little fuss.

There are so many mamas out there asking for more, I've decided to add Suite Eats to the blog in a more formal way but make sure you sign up to our newsletter too - it's just as nourishing!

Suite Eat is Build A Pizza.

I had made a veggie filled beef pasta sauce - you know, the stock standard tomato base. To make sure we had some variety in the week's meals (not just pasta) and to make sure we didn't have a lot of food waste, I decided on build a pizza. This is a bit of a cheat as I already had the sauce I know, but it's a handy hack. It is also a great end of week meal because it uses up anything that needs to be used (note the use of boiled egg) before the week's end.

Also know it is easy, messy but easy.

1. First I blended the beef and veg pasta sauce with a stick blender. I popped store bought healthy, grain filled, low GI wraps on baking paper on oven trays and spread the sauce over them as a base.

2. I then placed chopped capsicum, cherry tomatoes and zucchini, boiled egg, grated cheese, really finely chopped broccoli in small bowls on our kitchen table and let the boys have their way with placing toppings on the base.  This step is an exercise in letting go of control, so voila, it is also a type of therapy!

3. Cooked in the oven and finished off in the grill. Cut into toddler finger sizes and it's a free for all.

The thing about this super simple doesn't even need a recipe Suite Eat is that it is veggie loaded, from the sauce to the veggie topping. It also encourages ownership of the cooking process for toddlers, which then gives them more interest in the food and end product. It is also a perfect Friday night tradition if you're looking for one, everyone is involved in the process and parents can share a sneaky wine with pizza. 

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