Some tips on bringing baby into a pet home

The best tips for introducing your baby to your dog  - with some extra cat tips too.

In today's episode, we cover a really common step many parents of new babies have to take, introducing them to your fur baby and four-legged friends. This episode is supported by the amazing team at Dogshare.

Getting this right is really important, you, your baby and your dog deserve this to be well-thought-out and done to the best of everyone's ability. It's a topic to take really seriously, and one of those things where it pays to do the work in getting it right.

It's a massive topic and can be really complicated. In this podcast, we've touched on the following points

-Pet wellness before a baby is born.
-Preparing the nursery and other big-ticket items.
-Rewards and baby crying sounds - link here
-Importance of having a well-exercised pet before and when baby is home. 
-Introduction to baby (link here to Terry towelling nappies - an absolute must-have for any parent of a new baby, dog or not ).
-Pet aggressions
-Enrichments and rewards  - link to likimat here
- Langage and speaking to babies about pets
- pets and sleeping spaces, spaces for pets
- active supervision (the baby gates we used here )

Because it is such a huge topic, I've included some resources and good links here.

Dogshare – Get some regular walking and/or company for your dog in the lead up to and after babies’ arrival

Family Paws – Parent Education to support new families with dogs and to find a suitably qualified trainer:

Cooper & Kids – Dog Trainer in Melbourne, Specialises in creating safe environments for dogs and children:

And just because I'm obsessed, here is the adairs dog bed I really want!

Myth v Reality of bringing baby home.

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Remember, the information here is from our research and fact-checking and based on our experience, so make sure to always seek your very own professional advice before making any individual medical or wellbeing decisions.

We acknowledge the Yugambeh people as the Traditional Owners and Custodians of the Bundjalung land on which our family lives and on which we recorded this episode.  We pay our respects to their Elders past, present and emerging.⁠


and here is a photo of the dog bed I want!  adairs dog bed