Mother's Day Gift Guide- not stupid, but supportive.

I hopped online and to have a little look at some mother's day gift guides. On the first one, I saw the most to-die-for robe and pant set in blush velvet. Then I found an amazing bracelet on another other. Both infinitely needful things but priced at $1259 and $19,800 respectively, I truly thought FFS.

We're living through a pandemic. People are scared, people are worried, people are sick and many people don't have an income. 

To do a "gift guide" on how mum needs to be spoiled is totally ok because it is true. It is a wonderful day to celebrate our mums and mums to be. To do a "gift guide" with an introduction that actually says we should be placing "an ever-increasing value on gift-giving" just feels tone-deaf to me. Icky. Guides like this just make many of us feel shitty.

So, I put together some ideas. These were my rules; 1. must be sendable or deliverable. 2.must be female-founded or female funded 3.must not be stupid expensive.

Obviously, because we're a small business that fits all of the above- I'll be including our products in the guide, not the least because they're gorgeous and I believe in them. I've also included products from other female-founded and female funded small businesses. This way you know if you decide to spending money, you're supporting small Australian sites.

Jump down to after the photos and you'll see a list of free ways to show some love. I'd love to hear any ideas you have, let me know here or on Instagram.

 1. Irving and Powell shirt in marshmallow $140.00 2.kate mcleod mama stone $75.00 3. suite set pack $55.00 4.arlington milne paige clutch $99.00 5. mecca lipgloss $27.00 . 6.millwoods shoes $189.00 7. cajewelery pearl capsule $70.00<  8. cradle and tonic candle range $70.00 9. suite set x frank green coffee cups and water bottles$35< 10.paxxy and flora handmade plates $55.00 < 11.emu Australia slides $59.95 crew love sweater $159


mothers day gift guide suite setmothers day gift guide suite set

13. Hello Monday Active crop top $69.00 14. measuring cups $29.95 15. rachel castle colouring ins free and lovely. 16. franjo's breastfeeding biscuits $19.00 17. Percy and Percy packs $10 < 18. 6Ft6 mother's day pack $69.0019. You will probably survive by lauren dubois (support local book stores) 20. the good garment  scarf $97.00 21. feather and noise Tilly tee $39.00 22. scrunche scrunchie  $9.95 23. probably the best invention ever sold by bob - grey hider. $46.00


Free ideas to celebrate mum

Sign them up to Sophie Hansen's weekly email of cheerful things. 

Make them a homemade gift voucher pack of promises of ways to spend time together when COVID is done. 

Send a letter in the mail. 

Do a virtual catch up = get your siblings, aunts and cousins on board. 

Drop a care package on her door.

Organise with your mum to do a remote movie date, pick the same movie and time, get in pjs and live watch. 

Find some pebbles and paint them for mama. 

Do a powerpoint presentation - add some music she loves and collate some really special photos.

Make a memory book - get out the coloured pencils and photos and do a hard copy, old school journal.

Let Mama have a whole hour in the bathroom, candles, bath, bath salts and a book. No interruptions unless someone is bleeding.

Or if you've left it until super late- here is my pick for the best online last-minute gifts

Get them a digital subscription or a real-life subscription.

Jump online to her favourite exercise studio and book her a class  


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