40 things everyone learns in her baby’s first year -from motherly

I saw this list published on Motherly online, by the Motherly team in the US and nodded my head in so many ways on so many of the numbers.

For me, I just thought it was perfect. I was all "surely I won't tick too many off the list....." Hello. Almost all of them. Tick.

Enjoy x


The first year in your baby's life is full of exciting changes and growth, which can sometimes be overwhelming for both first-time moms and seasoned ones. At Motherly we have collectively a gazillion* children so we wanted to share our knowledge with the world, especially to new mamas out there who are wondering if they are doing a good job at this whole raising tiny humans thing (trust me, you are!)

(*A gazillion, approximately. 😆)

Here's what our team learned in their babies' first year:

  1. You need at least one mom friend you can text about literally anything and literally any time of the day or night.
  2. You will talk A LOT about baby poop and even snap photos of it.
  3. You will at least have one call with your pediatrician in the middle of the night for what turns out to be just gas.
  4. You'll know all the most baby-friendly restaurants in the neighborhood.
  5. You'll need to have a canned response to when someone asks you if you are breastfeeding, if you "work or stay home," and all the questions strangers love to ask moms.
  6. Self-care isn't selfish, it's essential.
  7. If you're wondering if it's poop or chocolate, it's definitely poop.
  8. You'll spend way too much time stressing about little things, we've all done it.
  9. How your baby is born is a tiny bleep in comparison to everything else that comes after.
  10. You know your baby better than anyone else.
  11. It is equally important for you to love your child's pediatrician as it is that your child loves them.
  12. Baby smiles make any day significantly better.
  13. It's okay to take your baby to the pediatrician because YOU are worried about something (even when everyone else says it's probably fine).
  14. It's okay to trust your gut. You've got a good gut.
  15. Don't rush crawling or walking. That "potted plant phase" where they can sit up unassisted but also stay put is just so convenient.
  16. There are so many things you can do one-handed.
  17. The internet can be your friend and your enemy, mom groups can be great and Google searches can be evil.
  18. Breastfeeding is hard, period.
  19. Don't feel guilty about not doing "anything" during your baby's nap, you need time off too.
  20. Sometimes, they only want mama.
  21. Babies turn into amazing people.
  22. A family dance party is a cure for most problems.
  23. It gets easier, until it's hard again, only to get easier and hard again.
  24. They will eventually stop napping on you (and maybe you'll miss it.)
  25. Always have your phone charged, your remote near and an empty bladder before sitting on a couch while holding a baby. You might be stuck there for hours.
  26. It's okay to let your partner or a different caregiver do things in their way. It's not wrong, just different.
  27. Know the signs of PPD and PPA, they can show up way after birth.
  28. Babies will sleep through anything, except mom tiptoeing 500 feet away, that will wake them up immediately.
  29. You're capable of doing things you used to think were impossible.
  30. If your baby is crying it's usually because they're hungry, tired or wet/poopy. But also, sometimes babies just cry. And when they do that you can just hold them.
  31. Hard days are temporary.
  32. Always carry extra clothes for you and baby, blowouts can happen anywhere at any time.
  33. It's okay to ask for help.
  34. You can't do it all, nor should you.
  35. It's totally normal to need a break from your baby, you're not a bad mom.
  36. It's possible to get by on two hours of sleep but it's not sustainable.
  37. No one gets it right all the time (not even that "perfect" mom you know)
  38. They don't know what they're doing either. (Even if it seems like they do.)
  39. Your baby thinks you are perfect.
  40. You know what you're doing, you really do.

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